Dolly Parton Imagination Library

Some of our most cherished childhood memories are of “storytime” with someone special ~ usually our parents, sometimes grandparents or even older siblings. These memories bring back the best of childhood; a feeling of peacefulness and security even as we were swept up in the imaginary world spread out before us on the printed page. It's sad to think that far too many of our children here in our area that might never have the opportunity to make these memories because they have no books in their homes. That is why we at United Way have partnered with Dolly Parton's Imagination Library to create literacy-rich environments for children in their homes and childcare settings. Children enrolled in the Imagination Library receive a free book in the mail every month for the first five years of his or her life.

Why it matters

Ninety percent of a child’s brain is developed by the age of three. Yet by age three, a child in poverty will hear 30 million fewer words than a child in a middle-income home. A child born to a low-income home has only a 48% chance of educational success; that success rate drops to 10% by age three if that child is not stimulated through reading and creative play.

What we're doing

Children age newborn through five years receive a book each month that is delivered to their homes through Imagination Library. Families who participate in the Imagination Library find that parents feel more comfortable reading with their children, and spend more time reading together. Children become more interested in books and they read at least an hour a week, with nearly half reading more than three hours a week.

Give the Gift of Reading

Help a child create a foundation for success in school and in life! No local tax dollars are spent on purchasing or mailing these books to the young children of our community and there is no cost to the family. Imagination Library depends upon the support of generous partners like you, who understand the enormous benefit and personal satisfaction of reading. Donations are tax deductible.