Why It Matters

Keeping people healthy and improving their health makes for a strong community.

Funded Programs in this Service Area

Cancer Care

Provides direct assistance to cancer patients for transportation, medications, supplements, and more. To apply, send a request e-mail

Coaches Clinic and Assemblies

Trains and challenges coaches to live healthy lifestyles and develop proper ways to work with yougn people.  School assemblies encourage youth to make healthy choices.

Community Care

Provides assistance for families struggling due to a medical condition or a major illness.


Provides assistance for outpatient therapy, case management services, and medication management to low-income families not covered through other services.

Family Justice Center

Provides 24 hour crisis intervention for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

House of Ruth

Provides shelter, food, counseling, and support for victims of domestic violence.

Recovery Support Services

Provides a clean, sober and supportive environment free from the presence of drugs and alcohol.

Serenity Haven

Provides a residential treatment facility for women recovering from substance abuse.